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Age Determination Information

Updated Wednesday January 3, 2018 by East Hampton Little League.

Little League Age Calculator  for Baseball or Softball  (this will bring you to Little League USA)


EHLL BASEBALL & SOFTBALL-  League Age Information Click on the link below for our local explanation of league age.

2018 Age Determination for Baseball softball.docx

Fall Baseball 2018

These Players Eligible for Fall Ball:
-an athlete that played Farm A - League Age 8 or Minors League Age 9 they will play Minors Fall Ball.
-an athlete that played Minors and is league age 10 or played Majors and is league age 11 will play Majors Fall Ball.

-Players who played majors and are league age 12 will play Juniors, as well as any player who is league age 13.
-we will try to field a Juniors Fall Ball team. If you played Jr. Baseball in the Spring you are eligible for Juniors in the Fall, League age 13.